Get those Drapes looking pretty!

London Carpet Cleaning is a company that is based out of London and is vetted, insured and known for its professional services. We offer services in the area of carpet cleaning, rugs cleaning and upholstery cleaning as well.

Beautiful drapes add character to your living room or bed rooms. But since these curtains are overly exposed to the regular dirt, they tend to lose the lustre that you first bought them with. With our curtain cleaning services you can have them back in shape and looking good in no time. The services are provided for any size of curtains from window blinds to heavy drapes.

With the use of our latest equipment; curtain cleaning can be done without even taking them off. While they are hanging, our experts clean every inch of the curtains and the cleaning is done on site. The process of cleaning begins with the examination of the type of the fabric and then using appropriate cleansing agents that are non- toxic and eco- friendly. Post that stubborn stains are removed followed by the extraction system which ensures that all the dirt and pollutants are sucked out of the system. And lastly of all deodorizing the curtains which leave them clean and smelling good.

Curtain cleaning process is simply and can be done without any hassle at your very own place. With our vast experience in cleaning; our experts can handle it all. Our curtain cleaners will also provide you with post cleaning maintenance tips. If you are not satisfied with the first attempt of cleaning; we do it again without any extra charges, simply because our aim is to have you 100% satisfied.

All you need to do is give us a call and get a free quote from us. With our low cost services and professional execution; we ensure that you will be very happy with your choice. We believe that a clean house or office is the first step towards a happy life as high standards of hygiene always pay off. Regular cleaning will preserve the true colours and maintain the overall look of your curtains. With our expert team of curtain cleaners, you can get them steam cleaned or dry cleaned at competitive prices and flexible timings.

At London Cleaning Company; we strive on achieving 100% customer satisfaction. We take pride in our long list of happy clients and professional services.