Carpets give a clean and rich look to your house. But when they get dirty, it becomes very difficult to clean them. There are many ways of cleaning the carpets. But when it comes to simply cleaning the soiled carpet, Dry Carpet Cleaning is the best recommended method. Contact AACarpetCleaning today and get the rich look back for your carpets in less than 24 hours!

Dry Cleaning doesn’t means that there is no use of water for cleaning but yes it is required in very less quantity. Following are some of the process which are used in this type of carpet cleaning:

Dry Foam Method: Where shampoo is applied to the carpet and then left to dry. The shampoo absorbs the dirt. Then vacuum cleaner is used to suck the dried shampoo.

Dry Chem Method: The only difference between Dry Foam Method and Dry Chem method is the use of bonnet pad instead of vacuum cleaner. The bonnet scrubs and absorbs the dirt.

Oscillating Pad Method: A balanced pH spray is sprayed on the carpet and is left for sometime which reacts with the dirt and loosen it. It is then later removed with the help of cotton pad.

Dry Compound Method: A dry compound is spread over the carpet. The mixture absorbs the dirt and is then removed with the help of vacuum cleaner.

It is always best to get it done from our Carpet Cleaning experts as the products that we use are eco-friendly and tested.

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