Anti-Static Treatment

When it comes to carpet cleaning, anti-static treatment is considered as one of the common methods. For both domestic and commercial carpet, anti-static treatment has been employed by our professional carpet cleaning executives. Basically, after cleaning anti-static spray has been applied over the carpets. Wonder, why is it done? Well, the spray helps the carpet to ground the static electricity and thus it protects electronic equipments inside your house.

When humidity goes down, static electricity stats increasing! Due to this increase of static electricity, using electronic equipments becomes risky. To get rid of the static electricity inside your house or office, you should ask for anti-static treatments for your carpets. It certainly helps to surpass major accidents or financial losses.

How Anti-static Carpet Cleaning Helps?

After cleaning the carpets neatly, generally anti-static spray has been applied. However, if water based carpet cleaning methods have been followed, we ensure that your carpet becomes completely dry before we apply anti-static spray. Once it has been thoroughly sprayed over the carpets, your carpets will safeguard your rooms from static electrons.

How Long Our Anti-static Treatment Lasts?

We intend to serve long last solutions to the clients so that they get worthy services against their investments. Generally, we guarantee that our anti-static treatment last for houses to 12 months. For commercial places, where computers or electronic devices are extensively used, our anti-static spray lasts for 3 to 6 months.

We deliver low cost anti-static treatment for the household or office carpets. We use bio-chemical solutions that do not create any sorts of risks of hazards. Also, the anti-static spray does not become toxic. It is an associated service with carpet cleaning, and at our company, you will get this services with high end precision.

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